Chasing Bison at Lipowy Most.

Lipowy Most is a small village located on the Polish border of Belarus, which for all us ignorant American’s is another country in Eastern Europe. I had the privilege of staying at this scenic golf resort for a week, and it was a stones throw from the  Białowieża forest where the Bison live. Of course it […]

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Wroclaw Poland adventures

Wroclaw pronounced “Vrohts-wahf”  is one of my favorite cities in Europe. The reason for this being the gnome population. Yes I said gnomes, Wroclaw boasts over 600 of these little boogers. In fact this may have had some heavy influence on the producers of Pokemon-Go. You can actually obtain a gnome map and play hide […]

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A couple of days in Berlin

Despite being forewarned I booked a couple of nights in Berlin on a boat. While Germany has a lot to offer, Berlin is more of a party town and the night clubs are extremely popular, with a techno beat. However I was hoping to immerse myself deep into the heart of this historic area and […]

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The Belvedere palace

The Belvedere palace was built in the early 1700 century for prince Eugene of Savoy. The palace consists of both an upper and lower section joined together by beautiful fountains and gardens. Admission to the exterior portion is free and the tours inside are available for a price. To be honest I spent about five hours […]

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The Butterfly House in Vienna

  The other day I had my daughter on the phone and she was looking up things to do while I’m in Austria.That’s what got me pointed to a butterfly garden. The Butterfly House or Das Schmetterlinghaus is essentially a greenhouse located next to Burggarten in Vienna . The fee here was $7euros and it was worth […]

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Schönbrunn Palace

I spent most of yesterday in a fairy tale world full of fountains; flowers and horse-drawn carriages. While it was quite beautiful unfortunately the Schönbrunn castle was a bit of a tourist trap. However everything wasn’t for sale and I did flash a little cash on a whimsy.  I started my day at the largest and […]

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While visiting in Slovakia I found myself near a cool cave that I wanted to visit. However this cave was about 14k from my lodging and I wouldn’t have enough time in my busy schedule to walk there. I must say after researching the nearby cave I really wanted to go, so one morning after […]