Down the trail

Mileage out here is a funny thing. There’s all kinds of apps, maps and markers. We use the pct halfmile app, but it would be nice to have some other refrence. We tend to do more miles than we actually think. Considering that our camp was over a half a mile away and our water resupply […]

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Indian heaven

8/17 It’s a lax-a-daisy day, we only need to hike 5 miles to blue lake. After a big brunch we meander through some meadows. Then climb switchbacks up 700 ft. It’s glorious!We ascend to Blue lake. It’s hard to find a spot…but worth it!Time to get cleaned up, this is a process.  Alpine lakes are […]

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The miles

8/16 The miles are getting easier, as the views become more fantastic!By the end of the day, were planning on being at the outskirts of the Indian heaven wilderness. Which is a highly regulated designated camping area. We’re trying to plan our days through, while a bidding the rules.So we are heading to sheep lake. At least […]

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The huckleberry saddle

8/15 We awake with the knowledge that we will be climbing all day.The terrain is changing, and were starting to get some views.Most the day is spent hop-scotching around other hikers. In the afternoon one of them turns around and says ” I’m so sick of climbing”. I feel ya. 3000 feet today.By the end […]

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Zero for nothing

8/14 At panther creek, we decide to take a zero. With the backpacks falling apart and my persistent fevers, it’s time to reevaluate the situation. I really don’t want to hand carry my pack! Floyd however is doing a great job at the jimmy-rigging.We rest up and use all the supplements we brought. Moringa, which tastes […]

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It’s FLAT!

8/13 After the attack of the midnight minions, Floyd and I descended to trout creek.  There’s also a nice view, with another hiker enjoying the ambience. I’m still enjoying the descent and it’s time for a big hot brunch!I really thought we would hit the pavement and make a break out of here! Without a word […]

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Comfort and conversation

8\12 We spent the night at a camp by water, along with some trail companions. Trail conversation is so very different from the everyday conversations we have. People on the trail talk of; water ( the lack and abundance), terrain ( ascends, descends, fords, washout’s, technical area’s) and of course gear, and other trails. It’s […]

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Water witching.

8/11, There is no water in the trough. Averaging about 8 miles a day, this is very bad news. Rock creek is almost 5 miles. We have 2.5 litres left of h20, were dehydrated and thirsty. We’re in the middle of the 12 mile stretch. Perhaps it’s my medical background and knowledge, that is causing […]

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Tumultuous Table Mt.

8/10 Were up at 5 am, packing camp and filtering water. Hiking until noon and hoping to beat the extreme, muggy heat. Were not the only hikers switching tactics. Last night a we heard a few hikers taking to the dark of night, fighting mother nature. Up,Up,Up…Dr. Suess. 3000 feet in elevation. The sweat drips, […]

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