The Swans of Swan lake.

  “For in your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you’ll be….” J Garland. Yes its Easter soon and He is risen!¬†Easter in my family means the swans are migrating! Yes swans! Tundra swans to be exact, and they are magnificent! The swans are flocking at Calispell lake near Usk Wa. For the […]

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A play date with Kate

  Once a year our ski-school at 49N brings in an outside clinician. Instructors need at least one education credit every year. This year we had Kate from tech-team.I tried not to get excited at the prospect of gleaning from a new clinician, as I already have enough Ed credits. The clinic took priority for […]

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Big mountain, little Jacque.

  Our ski trip took us from Schweitzer to Whitefish Montana, Big mountain they call it. We arrived a little late as the time change added too spring forward. Looking at the trail maps were overwhelming. We decided to try to tackle the back side first. The sun was out and the runs on that […]

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Come out and play, CS1.

“I’m going to order us up a hot-toddy” Kathy says to me. I don’t really like hot-toddies, and I don’t think it’s appropriate to drink during a children’s clinic. As it turns out hot-toddies are when Smokin Joe the lifty jumps on the chair and warms the seat up for you. I revoke my previous […]

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