Las Piscinas

Las piscinas, the pools. I told a friend I was going to Honduras. Her reply “be prepared to sweat”. Sweat is a constant varying degree here. I sweat; when I am holding still, more when I’m walking. I even sweat when I am in the shower. It’s hot here and constantly muggy, evenĀ  the rain […]

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The Great Adventure

In less than a week I will embark on one of the greatest adventures of my life. August 12th I will board a jet plane and head down to San Pedro Sula, Honduras for 3 months. I am going to teach the English-language to people in foreign countries. My visa will run out in November. […]

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The fire-lookout trip.

  Living close to Mt. Spokane most of my life, I have always enjoyed hiking up to the old fire-lookout. My Aunt stayed the night up their years ago. When looking into staying overnight at the Quartz mt. lookout I was alarmed at the price, $185 buckaroos! Wow! Last year I started to really try […]

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