Climbing Pacaya

A good reason to visit Antigua, Guatemala is to climb a volcano. There are two very different possibilities one is Pacaya which is a day hike. The other is  Acatenango which is an over night back-packing trip. This trip all I had time for was Pacaya. I booked our bus and guide online for $20usd […]

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Ruinas de Copan.

So the main reason to visit Copan, Honduras is to see the ruins. You can actually just walk there as it’s under a mile away. The ticket for entry is $15 usd for foreigners or 100 lempiras for Hondurans. You can also purchase entry to the tunnels for $15 usd or 50 Honduran. The tunnels […]

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Macaw mountain

If you know me well enough, then you know I love birds! I blame my late grandmother Annabelle for fostering this love, along with my father. It is customary in our family to talk to the birds. Grandma used to go out with the chickens in the morning, and you would hear all the conversations […]

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The Butterfly garden in Copan.

  Mariposario of the Mayan hills resort or the butterfly garden of Copan ruinas. The garden is located on the outskirts of town and was followable by gps. The entry was 100 lempiras or about $4 usd. The garden features 25 different butterfly species. There is a small learning area about butterfly life cycles and you […]

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Jaguar Luna hotsprings

Welcome to Copan Ruinas, Honduras. I have finally arrived despite the detour and am booked into Berakah hostel. Here we are bunked with one other girl but room for a total of 6. It is a very nice and clean place to stay, and I am happy with the accommodations. The price is definitely worth it […]

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Pulhapanzak falls

There is a tour here in Honduras where you walk into and behind a thunderous waterfall. My roomates at the volunteer house all highly recommended it. Pulhapanzak falls lies between San pedro sula and lake Yoja. You can take a direct bus from the terminal. There is an entry fee to the waterfall park of […]

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Diving Utila!

“Floyd when you come let’s go diving in Utila” I said. Of course he said ….sounds good, having no idea what diving all entails. Perhaps we should have given this a little more thought, but being an adventure lover let’s go! We found a dive shop that had room for us over the holiday break […]

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