Semuc Champey.

During my travels I saw a couple of pictures of this place and was completely amazed. It was very much like Havasu falls without the huge hike. Also the entry fee was a fraction of the cost 50$ quetzales or 7$usd. If you get to Guatemala, go here! From Antigua I booked a shuttle through […]

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Surfing El Paredon, The Wall

Traveling in Central America is a fairly easy task to accomplish. Everywhere you visit you hear of another place you want to go. I had seen a couple of posters at various kiosks for surfing on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. I booked into the¬†Driftwood surfer hostel along with a shuttle. Again this is one […]

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Diving in lake Atitlan

When talking to others about traveling in Guatemala you will often hear that ” you have to go to the lake”. They are of course referencing the beautiful lake Atitlan. Lake Atitlan where the water is gorgeously colored and is surrounded by massive volcanoes. Along with the various spreads of small towns, and magnificently tiered […]

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