The Misol-ha Waterfall.

I did not expect on this quick trip to Palenque that we would be getting everything done that I had wanted to see and do. However due to the fact that we bought the package tour, we ended up stopping at Misol-Ha waterfall. All I can say is 30 minutes is not long enough. The […]

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The Ruins of Palenque

I recently did an overnight trip to Palenque, Chiapas Mexico. Of course one of the highlights were some very impressive ruins. Though not well-preserved and with various replicas the ruins were massively awe-inspiring. From Comitan we took a collectivo to San Cristobal the cost was 70 pesos or $4 usd. Then boarded the night bus […]

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El Arcotete

Plans change, and for those of you that know me well, know how flexible I am. Of course when looking into going to San Cristobal I had researched lot’s of things, so I had a mixed bag swimming in my head when we left the first set of caves. El Arcotete is literally a couple […]

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Grutas del Mamut

The caves of the Mammoth, was like a step back in time. Besides the welcoming cool air the cavern was the biggest I have ever seen. Caving in Mexico is definitely different from in the states as the safety standards are not the same. However walking on slippery dim-lit paths where holes and gaps may […]

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Tenam Puente

Tenam Puente is a Mayan ruin very close to Comitan. Though the ruin itself dates to the classical era 300ad to 600ad, the place was more inhabited during the early post classic time frame 900ad to 1200ad. So far in Mexico and Central America I have been to four different mayan ruins. To get to […]

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El Chiflon

Probably one of the greatest things about being in Comitan is that your close to this iconic waterfall El Chiflon. The waterfall or ( la cascadia) can be a day trip from here or from San Cristobal de la casas. Of course you can also make it an overnight and explore both the trail heads. […]

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