Lagos de Montebello, Tziscao

Tziscao, is a name I can neither pronounce in English, or Spanish. This lake is part of a chain of lakes known as Lagos de Montebello, which is a stones throw from Guatemala. I had planned on making this my home base and sprouting out to the other lakes, however the weekend slipped away quickly. […]

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Chinkultic is a little jem tucked away along the edge of Lagos de Montebello National park. I was really impressed with the ruins, mostly because of the beautiful location. Though not very large or well preserved the views here were absolutely amazing. From Comitan I caught the small van heading towards the Lagos de Montebello […]

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El Chorreadero

I should have took a picture of the sign advertising for this place, because when I got back to Tuxtla I couldn’t remember the name. So after a good nights rest I headed back to Chiapa de Corzo and asked the man at the kiosk how to get there. Funny thing was you can’t really […]

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Canyon del Sumidero

Besides all the advertisements about the Canyon del Sumidero, I recently had a friend go and it looked amazing. Her pictures had not only boasted a gorgeous boat ride through a canyon but lot’s of wildlife. So given the chance of a weekend off, I started my research and planned a trip to Tuxtla, Chiapas, […]

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Lagos de Colon

The Colonial lakes are located 73 kilometers from Comitán in the small town of Cristóbal Colón. This area known as the municipality of La Trinitaria is not only warmer, but increasingly scenic as you continue towards Guatemala. The lakes are composed of the Lagartero river and provide 44 very different pools from clear to bright […]

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