The Butterfly House in Vienna


20190903054521_IMG_439120190903054948_IMG_439520190903054327_IMG_438920190903053920_IMG_4385The other day I had my daughter on the phone and she was looking up things to do while I’m in Austria.That’s what got me pointed to a butterfly garden. The Butterfly House or Das Schmetterlinghaus is essentially a greenhouse located next to Burggarten in Vienna . The fee here was $7euros and it was worth it.





My first thought upon entering through the door was to “tread softly”. The butterflies were everywhere in my hair landing on my clothes it was awesome. The greenhouse was extremely warm but I endured it for almost an hour photographing many of the different species. Off course they also breed the butterflies so you can view all four life stages in little glass boxes. I hope you enjoy the pics.


These old cities I’m traversing through are just amazing. After a few days in Vienna I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the old city and worked my way along the circuit. I really have logged so many miles despite my 72 hour transit pass and this is mostly because everything is so beautiful I would rather walk then take the tram. One more place to visit and we’re off to Prague, a place that I thought only existed in books. Someone needs to work on her geography!



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