My favorite things to do in Prague.


Praha or Prague is a very famous city in the Czech Republic, I must say that I’ve read about in fictional books and was ignorant to the cities actual existence until this recent trip. However very much like the books Prague also has a fabled Gulum who may or may not have been a real life character. As many of you have realised this blog is a little tardy and it has been mostly due to formatting issue’s and time restraints. As I’ve been touching down in countries of late rather rapidly I’ve decided to group cities; experiences and people together so let’s begin the divulgence.


One of my favorite things to do in Prague is have a meal on the banks of the Vltava and it really doesn’t matter which side of the river, however evening is the best time of day. I found myself forking over a little extra cash to have the ambience of the boats, swans and amazing views of the castle and city. The lights at night are especially brilliant in Prague due to the gas lit laterns in the palace.




I did make some time here in this city to catch a few tours. Sometimes tours are free and you can hit some morning tours in Prague by donation only. While I feel like I get a better understanding of history and how life was lived in different times, this learning method is hard for me to glean from. One of the highlights was the Astronomical clock and the amazing detailed workmanship of the device is astounding. You can read more about this extensive time piece here .  I would try to explain about the clock more but between the sun and moon and different figures and numerals it’s a bit confusing if your not directly in front of this expansive time keeping machine.



Another hightlight of Prague is the castle which envelops a big portion of the hill opposite Old town. The castle is so big in fact that you would not realize it’s borders without the high security check points on either side. Of course you can purchase tours here also but things like the St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden lane are free to the public at different times on different days. It just depends on how you  plan your visit to  Prazsky hrad.


My absolute favorite thing to do in Prague though is too watch the swans and the best place to do this is after you cross the infamous Charles bridge. From the castle side of the river pick your way towards the water and enjoy these magnificent creatures. I tend to sit and enjoy these lovely creatures for hours and giggle a little when the tourists get bit, snaped at and chased. Karma.



Last and most definitely not least my favorite thing to do in Prague is to meet up with my friends in the city. It’s still somewhat surreal to me all the friends I’ve met on my trips and I wouldn’t change it for the world. However a fine dinner in the Czech republic with my girls is definitely the cream of the crop. Next stop Berlin.


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