Wroclaw Poland adventures


Wroclaw pronounced “Vrohts-wahf”  is one of my favorite cities in Europe. The reason for this being the gnome population. Yes I said gnomes, Wroclaw boasts over 600 of these little boogers. In fact this may have had some heavy influence on the producers of Pokemon-Go. You can actually obtain a gnome map and play hide and go seek for days! I could totally spend day’s hunting gnomes!


The ideology behind these small statues represents the Orange Alternative. Whoever came up with this idea is both extremely brilliant and has a good sense of humour. The OA was an anti communist movement and a special point in Wroclaws history. People participating in this movement would simply dress in orange smocks and caps stating they were gnomes, and participate mainly in peaceful protests. Can you imagine 100’s of Gnomes all dressed in bright orange participating in flash mob type protests? The hilarity added with the inability of the governing forces to address the situation is like I said, brilliant.


How can you arrest a Gnome, he’s not even human!😂 Besides the gnomes there are other architectural oddities that protest to the good humor of the polish people. Such as a church lost by a drunk priest during a gambling match and figures copulating together in the intricate ornations. Poland is of course very famous for vodka and they make a stout moon-shine too . Żubrówka  is vodka made from grass that has been urinated on by bison and is a Polish trademark. Poland also boasts Europes only free range herd of native bison in the Białowieża forest which is nearer the Belarus border. Word to the wise: never trust any strong pink liquor of unknown proof, but what do I gnome?20190913_163732




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