Chasing Bison at Lipowy Most.



Lipowy Most is a small village located on the Polish border of Belarus, which for all us ignorant American’s is another country in Eastern Europe. I had the privilege of staying at this scenic golf resort for a week, and it was a stones throw from the  Białowieża forest where the Bison live. Of course it was the “right place right time” scenario as we could actually hear the bison roaring into rutting season. Which of course turned into a frequent evening party joke when someone was missing, or the group was too noisy it was deemed that they were “out chasing the bison” last night. I however did not see any bison on this trip but if you hit the link that was definitely the evening song we frequently were attuned too.



Besides golf,  the Lipowy Most resort is also a desirable wedding venue boasting a huge rustic hall adjacent to a large pond that you can fish in. You can host a very large party here as the bottom floor is a retro night club but the bar is located upstairs. If your looking for a more laidback girls gig, the pool and sauna were amazing and there’s even a Norwegian style  fire heated wood tub if your feeling classy.



Another added bonus to the week was a pair of ukulele players that were never far from a tune, which always livened the mood. Upon leaving I found I missed my traveling musician friends dreadfully, as I maneuvered through hoards of tourists and randomly broke out in song. However the thing that I missed the most was watching the Moon Child dance naked on the deck in the early morning hours, because in these moments everything wild and free is interwoven into the atmosphere. And here on the last of the European travels,  I found closure and new beginnings. Everything is about to change and life is new and I am completely enamoured about all these possibilities!



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