Through the storm V

Continuing on the Columbia river paddle.Map-of-Lake-Roosevelt-National-Recreation-Area .We had spent most the summer paddling and camping along the river banks. Sometimes the fish jumped all night. At first I thought they were otters, or something else…After many times of being awakened in the dark; with the water splashing and thrashing, me and my little flash light. Peering […]

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Cedonia stole my heart. IIII

 We were becoming so tan and blonde from all of our paddling along the Map-of-Lake-Roosevelt-National-Recreation-Area . This time we put in at the roadside about 6 miles from Rice, Wa. It was another sunny day on the Columbia river. We were becoming accustomed to paddling all day, and stopped for a swim break and lunch at […]

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Paddle or I’ll drown you! III

Continuing on our lake Roosevelt paddle was not always easy or fun. Miles and miles of paddling, day after day with 3 teenage girls. Yes, yes I am crazy. The girls were great though, they loved it….almost all the time. Some teenage girls were more fun than others. I may have almost killed one, “paddle […]

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The summer of paddle. II

I actually did a lot of research about Lake Roosevelt, before we really got into paddling it. Map-of-Lake-Roosevelt-National-Recreation-Area. We planned on starting at the Northport boat launch, any further up sounded dangerous. The water moves quite a bit faster farther north, and the river is less wide. Lucky for us Floyd was available to drop us […]

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Generations of paddling

Who doesn’t love swimming in a waterfall? When I was younger my father came across this lake, a couple miles from our home. Now recreational marketing has made it a popular paddle trip. The more the merrier, and how lucky are we to have this gem in the pnw. Keep it clean friends, my children are already bringing there friends over to enjoy the falls. Generations of like minded individuals, at horseshoe lake falls.

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