Lake Hev’is

Lake Hev’is sits at the southern most end of lake Balaton in Hungary. It is the world’s largest thermal lake that you can access and swim in. Fortunately one of my new friends from Budapest told me how to get there and here’s what I found. The ladies all said to get to Hev’is I […]

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The Széchenyi bath house.

The Széchenyi bath house was not my favorite spa in Hungary, though very famous. The outside architecture is very beautiful the inside is rather white, monotonous and boring. There are some beautiful masterpieces on the ceiling but that is in the visitor’s center. Another reason I was not impressed with this bath was because it was […]

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Varga Tanya

Varga Tanya is an event facility located about an hour drive from Budapest, Hungary. The actual driving time is dependent on traffic. I attended this venue through a program named Angloville, and I’ll talk more about this towards the end of the article. There’s something in a name, and while I’m not completely sure about […]

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The Boiling River

The Boiling river has been so high on my destination list since I first heard the name! Last year when I was in Yellowstone at this time it was closed. I remember wondering “why would they close a boiling river? Maybe it was too hot?” This year again it was closed, and more insight taught […]

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Fairy falls

There are two different ways to get to the Fairy falls trailhead. The one we hiked took us up to the new overlook for the Grand Prismatic pool also. So a 2in1 deal and it was worth it. This trail starts at the Steel bridge just south of Mid-way geyser basin. It was simple to […]

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Mystic falls

The hike to Mystic falls was pure happenstance as Floyd and I were actually trying to reach the new Grand Prismatic overlook. However we mistakenly headed up the Biscuit basin trail and that’s how we came across Mystic falls trail. The trail is really easy going and about .7/10 ths of a mile. Most of […]

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Mt. Washburn

I love it when you show up for work and are not on the schedule. Such was the day that I decided to head up to Mt. Washburn. Hiking alone is really not recommended in YNP, but this peak was not only very accessible but very popular. I had already checked out the trailhead and […]

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